The Platform for R&D
Combinatorial AI gains knowledge from very simple to more and more complex models when doing iterative search for solutions.
Watch this 4-min video to get a brief of prospects offered by the combinatorial approach.
Split the Creative Functions
Development process
Project team
Analyses possible solutions
Listens to feedback from customers
Gets better problem understanding and specifies it formally
Combinatorial AI
Learns from logs of operations
Codes options of problem solutions
Keeps up-to-date knowledge on how to solve the problems
The True AI

In 2019, it takes about 15 minutes and 10M of RAM to train combinatorial AI on a single core of 1.6 GHz CPU to

  • build simple models from the interplay with its environment
  • generate solutions for a specified problem by combining the models
  • represent the solution in a formal language that allows it’s analysis or execution
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