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Human brain is a system one uses every day in making decisions that matter. It’s a challenge to know how it works. To know means to build and to apply.

  • Pavel Malyshkin,
    PhD in physics, graduate of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, 5 years of startup and business operation, 15 years of R&D in the scope of AI.
  • Sergey Pedora,
    more than 20 year experience in developing cross-platform applications, specializes in software architecture, graduate of Moscow State University.
  • Denis Shabratov,
    entrepreneur, more than 25-year experience of starting up and operating high-tech businesses, graduate of National Research University of Electronic Technology

Our R&D in machine learning started in 2005.

Fundamental principles of our approach to reinforcement learning are published in 2014 in a book “Physics of Intelligence” under review of Prof. B. Velichkovsky.

Egghead OÜ was established in 2014.

The proof of concept of the Combinatorial agent was successfully tested by the end of 2018.

Let’s see the true AI at work!

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